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AQ Active Serum

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AQ Skin Solutions Active Serum 

Erase signs of aging and environmental damage with Growth Factor Technology. This highly active serum contains stem cell derived growth factors to renew skin and accelerate skin cell regeneration.

Although your skin’s natural processes that repair damage and keep it looking youthful become less efficient over time, you can return your skin cell functions to a younger state with AQ Active Serum. This concentrated blend of the same growth factor proteins found in healthy, young skin plus anti-aging antioxidants stimulates collagen production (essential for firm skin), activates the skin’s natural regeneration capabilities, and fights free radical damage that causes premature aging. The Growth Factor Technology stimulates skin cells to repair the damage that has accumulated over the years, such as sun/age spots and wrinkles, with the efficiency of young, healthy skin cells.

Daily use of Active Serum will produce a firmer, smoother complexion with brighter, more even skin tone diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and reduced or eliminated sun/age spots and hyperpigmentation. The surface of the skin is moisturised for an instant plumping and smoothing effect. The pure, non-greasy formula has a clean smell and will not clog pores or irritate sensitive skin.

The Science of AQ® Active Serum
Active Serum contains high concentrations of multiple growth factors that are found in healthy, young skin as well as several plant based ingredients that support the repair of DNA damage. Growth factors are natural proteins abundant in young skin that are important for optimum skin health. They are involved in cell turnover and generation, collagen production, and elastin production. These functions help keep skin taut, firm, and smooth. As skin ages and/or suffers photo-­damage from sun exposure, it produces fewer growth factors.

Key Ingredients:

- Cotton extract may boost skin’s repair mechanisms and encourage the elimination of DNA damage, helping to reduce inflammation and erythema and prevent premature skin aging.
- Arabidopsis thaliana extract contains a repair enzyme that recognizes DNA damage and initiates and accelerates the repair process to restore optimum skin health.
- Watermelon extract contains naturally occurring vitamins, carbohydrates, and amino acids to support the skin’s immune system, prevent UV-­‐induced aging, and keep skin cells functioning at a youthful level.
- Basic fibroblast growth factor helps promote the formation of new blood vessels, which nourish and enrich the skin by delivering oxygen and nutrients to skin cells for glowing, supple, smooth skin.
- Insulin-­like growth factor 1 promotes cell growth and multiplication for renewed, younger-looking skin.
- Transforming growth factors stimulate collagen secretion for firmer, smoother skin.
- Interleukins reduce inflammation that may lead to premature aging, puffiness, and redness.
- Chaperone proteins protect the active ingredients in Active Serum and help them penetrate more deeply for fast, dramatic results.

Directions: Lightly spread over clean skin on the entire face, neck, and chest areas.

Antioxidant serums, corrective, or moisturisers should be used over AQ Active Serum. Moderate skin renewal may occur within two weeks, but optimal improvement to skin is usually seen after six weeks of daily use. For best results, use day & night for 30 days for tissue saturation, followed by nightly use thereafter.

Excellent for preparing skin for procedures and enhancing the recovery process. 

Size: 30ml