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Red Spots

Vascular difficulties generate red spots on the face, which are small blood vessels visible on the surface of the skin but are not always "broken capillaries," as many people believe. Genetics, age, lifestyle choices (sun, smoking, alcohol consumption), or skin trauma (even plucking at the skin!) can all contribute to vascular regions.

Rosacea is a skin problem that causes redness and, if you look carefully enough, you may see tiny, microscopic blood vessels just beneath the skin's surface. While rosacea is a long-term skin issue, IPL can help reduce the redness it causes.

Light radiation is used in IPL therapy to gently heat the targeted skin regions and promote the body's natural healing process to close the tiny capillaries at the skin's surface. The treated regions demonstrate a decrease in red vessels and redness as the skin recovers. This therapy can help with the redness associated with Rosacea, but it will not cure the condition. 

The light radiation penetrates deep beyond the skin's surface throughout the process, promoting the synthesis of new collagen. The treatment will improve the look of the skin by renewing and smoothing it as well as reducing redness, hence the other term, IPL photo facial.

Each treatment takes around 20 minutes, and most patients will need two to three sessions spaced three to four weeks apart to achieve the best benefits. 

IPL treatments are effective at reducing and removing brown and red spots on the skin, as well as improving the overall appearance. However, while this therapy has "minimal or no downtime," 3-5 sessions are required to attain the optimum outcomes. 

Staying out of the sun for at least 2 weeks before and after the treatment is a must to avoid any treatment-related side effects, which is why we usually encourage patients to do so.

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