Forehead Horizontal Wrinkles

Botox treatment

Can Botox treatment fix my forehead wrinkles?

When we raise our brows, we get forehead wrinkles, which are horizontal lines across the forehead. They are used to express human emotions and sentiments such as surprise, enjoyment, and fear. When we wrinkle the face by talking, laughing, or making expressions, the motion of muscle on the forehead causes wrinkles. When we elevate our brows, this muscle contracts pulls the skin of the forehead up, causing forehead horizontal lines. When we're young, once we stop elevating our eyebrows, our skin bounces back, but as we become older, our skin will build more permanent lines on our foreheads.

We learn expressions through our family, friends, and the individuals we meet in our daily lives; for example, we may raise our eyebrows to show interest or to convey surprise. Although facial emotions are a crucial element of communication, naturally expressive persons may notice that lines form earlier than others. The skin leaves a permanent mark if it is folded in the same way over and over again. Constant wrinkling of the skin on the forehead tends to develop a deeper line. Once we get older, repeated facial movements can start to permanently affect the texture of the skin and the appearance of permanent forehead lines.

Botox®  is unquestionably the most effective therapy for horizontal forehead creases. It's an injectable that weakens the muscles in the injected region for a short period. Botox targets the muscles that cause horizontal creases in the forehead. Some people experience effects in a few days after using Botox®, others may take up to two weeks to see results. For three to four months, most people are happy with the effects of their Botox®  procedure.


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