Forehead Frown Lines


Can I Get Botox For My 11 Frown Lines?

The 11 lines are upright lines that appear between the brows. They're also known as frown lines and these dynamic wrinkles are caused by the muscle tension and movement that occurs more when we frown rather than a decrease in facial volume. As we get older, skin becomes thinner which increases the chances of developing these lines.  As a result of the muscular pull and movement caused by frowning, 11 lines, also known as "movement lines," form. As we frown and make other facial emotions over and over, we develop a habit of frowning and making these lines more pronounced on our forehead.

Some folks simply have more expressive muscles than others. Furthermore, some people simply have different anatomy, and others may have lifestyle habits like smoking or extreme weight loss aggravating these lines. Deep 11 lines can be inherited, thus it's not uncommon to find multiple family members with excessive 11 lines.

Botox is a great option for 11 lines. Botox works by preventing the muscle from contracting, smoothing out the wrinkles. Botox can take 4-7 days to show results on 11 lines, and it can last up to 6 months. 

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