Cheek Filler

Filler Treatment

Can I get a dermal filler treatment for the cheek area?

Why do I need to get filler in the cheeks?

Cheekbones are an essential part of our middle face anatomy. As we get older, the supportive fatty structure of this area of the face loses volume, and skin over it becomes less firm and less elastic. This gives a sunken and tired look to us.

  • We like to restore our cheek volume and have more prominent cheekbones.
  • We want to recontour the cheeks with a better definition.
  • We prefer to create a dimension to our midface and improve the symmetry.

Cheek filler injection is a simple, lunchtime procedure here FACE BEAUTIFUL. This injection is so easy that most of the time it does not need any numbing beforehand and the fillers are already mixed with anesthetics so the overall experience is very painless for patients. Based on the type and amount of injected filler it could last between 4 to 12 months.

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